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ادوات تحضير القهوة

Traveller Dalla For Arabic Coffee Maker 0.4L White

SAR 343.00
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• Comes witha bag with coffee preparation tools
•Standard spoon for coffee and cardamom
• Safety feature when operating without liquids
• ThePot is safe and easy to clean
• Your travel companion

Traveler's Electric Drum, 400 ml
A bag intended for travel & Outings
Custom coffee, cardamom and dates boxes
Four plastic cups are resistant to heat and breakage
Standard for coffee and cardamom (double spoon)

Easy to use:
No coffee experience required, the Traveler Dallah is easy to use via the one-click control panel.
Its accessories will make it easy for you completely.

Your travel companion:
The dallah comes with a bag to store the contents for easy carrying on the go, so it is ideal for travel and outings.

Auto warm up:
After preparing the coffee it stays ready for a convenient time, the automatic warm-up feature keeps it warm for up to three hours.

Be prepared:
The capacity of the 400ml dallah cup is enough to prepare 15 to 20 cups of coffee each time to receive guests at any time.
You can add the desired type of coffee, cardamom, saffron, aloe vera and more that your guests prefer.

Safe and easy to clean:
The cups, cups, tins and spoon are all made of safe and heat resistant polypropylene.
And it's easy to clean by hand only with a damp cloth.

The Traveler Dallah with the bag and accessories helps you take the pleasure of drinking Arabic coffee anywhere ...
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More Information
Model JLR-170E3
Brand Arabdalla
Warranty ضمان عامان