Bister Spoons Gold&Silver 6pcs
Bister Spoons Gold&Silver 6pcs Bister Spoons Gold&Silver 6pcs
Bister Pressure Cooker 11L 28 cm

Bister Pressure Cooker 11L 28 cm

Round Dustbin+Tissue Box Silver11-063

Round Dustbin+Tissue Box Silver11-063

Bister Spoons Gold&Silver 6pcs

* Made of high quality materials with conforming specifications
* Designed with high precision to provide an impressive textured experience
* 6 pcs
* Attractive shape and design
* Easy to use and clean

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Bister Gold + Silver  Spoons

It is not just spoons for eating, but it is a masterpiece to decorate a unique dining room for family, friends and guests at all times

The design :

Solitaire spoons have a special elegance, and once you hold them, you will feel as if you are in a new experience of its kind in eating, by making it from high-quality materials that conform to the standards as well as the attractive inscriptions on it

Cleaning and storage:

Ease of cleaning and storage in your kitchen

The Gold Solitaire Spoons come in 6 pieces at an attractive price

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