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Deem Automatic Electric Milk Heater

SAR 439.00
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• Electric heater with control panel

• Holds up to 1.5 liters of milk

• Automatic stirring during heating

•Without burning or fizzing

An electric device for heating and pasteurizing milk at home with ease ...

To prepare powdered milk, pasteurization of fresh milking, or boiling the package milk, it can also be used as a traditional boiler to boil water.

Always ready milk:
A smart panel that contains control buttons and a digital display for milk boiling alarm,
After boiling, the heater keeps the milk hot for 2 hours.

High quality materials:
The boiler is made of thermoplastic glass that withstands the highest temperatures,
With base, spout and hidden heating element in high quality stainless steel.

Practical boiler:
The boiler is designed for comfort in use thanks to the ergonomic handle, with a stem to constantly stir and stir the milk while it boils.
In addition to the standard spoons for supplying powdered milk and sugar.

Enjoy warm, beneficial milk for you and your family with this electric milk warmer
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More Information
Model AD-15MB01
Brand Deem
Warranty ضمان عامان