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فيسلر قدر ضغط فيتافيت بريميوم 8 لترصناعة ألمانية
فيسلر قدر ضغط فيتافيت بريميوم 8 لترصناعة ألمانية

Fissler Pressure Cooker vitavit premium Stainless Steel 8 liter German Industry

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• No-pressure steam setting
• Steamer inset included
• Convenient positioning aid
• Integrated measuring scale
• Distribution and storage of heat

Country of Origin: Germany

Fissler Vitafit Pressure Cooker Premium 8.0 L

Fissler pressure pots, which are famous for the quality of their products worldwide, are German manufacture of the best types of stainless steel size 18/10, and the Vitafit Comfort pot is the best ever, characterized by durability and lasts for a very long time, and these pressure pots contain a base A very thick (6mm) thermal sandwich fully coated from stainless steel. It is a very thick layer of diffuse and fully encapsulated aluminum, suitable for all types of stoves.

The most suitable amount for fast and economical meals, as it helps you complete meals easily and effortlessly

It contains four safety systems to control the degree of pressure, including the internal pressure that prevents the pot from opening under pressure, and the cooking mode can be adjusted with ease of tightening the lid

Easy to use and clean with two cooking levels automatically

Package Contents:
Large pressure cooker, diameter 26 cm, 8 liters, equipped with a lid with safety screen

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German industry

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Model FSRPCVM70008