Kion 2 in 1 oven Air fyer 17 litre - 1500W
Kion 2 in 1 oven Air fyer 17 litre - 1500W
Kion Glass Kettle 1.7L-1700W

Kion Glass Kettle 1.7L-1700W

Jano Kitchen Electronic Scale 5Kg

Jano Kitchen Electronic Scale 5Kg

Kion 2 in 1 oven Air fyer 17 litre - 1500W

• Air fryer & oven in one device

• Large capacity 17 liters

• 3 switches to set time & temperature

• Multi-tasking from roasting, browning, defrosting, heating, grilling

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A healthy way to fry More than one function in one appliance with kion , to prepare healthy, oil-free meals for frying, roasting and grilling, as well as making food browned and crispy deliciously and healthy

An air fryer works like a mini convection oven. The heating element heats the cooking container while the fan blows hot air, surrounding the food with heat on all sides. If you think about it, the method of cooking in an air fryer is very similar to a deep fryer, in that the source of continuous heat cooks the food on all sides but allows you to cook without immersing your food in oil.

Basic Specifications:

Power 1500 watts


50-60 Hz

17 Litre

Heat levels:

Three switches to adjust time and temperature


Baking tray, air fryer basket, rack, socket - BS 1m power cord

A healthy alternative to cooking:

It uses hot air technology to cook food which helps you reduce fat in your meals as air fryers can cook or fry foods with up to 80% less fat.

Foods that can be cooked in the fryer:

Almost any food can be cooked in an air fryer. Meat, vegetables and frozen foods, you can also put bread in your air fryer to prepare toast or sandwiches, and the bread comes out crispy and healthy to enjoy the most delicious sandwich. Because you cook with hot air, you should take into account that your food may be a little dry. So you can wrap foods like chicken and fish in aluminum foil to keep them from drying out. Do not put soluble items, such as cheese or chocolate, unless they are in a special pan.


Features Air frying, toasting, baking, grilling, making pizza and cake, slow cooking and multiple cooking levels.

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