Kokrmaz Esta Tea Pot Set
Kokrmaz Esta Tea Pot Set Kokrmaz Esta Tea Pot Set
Korkmaz Magnolia Tea Pot Set 0.3 ,1.3L

Korkmaz Magnolia Tea Pot Set 0.3 ,1.3L

Korkmaz Alfa Casserole 4L 12*22Cm

Korkmaz Alfa Casserole 4L 12*22Cm

Kokrmaz Esta Tea Pot Set

SAR 399.00

• A set of two Pots with  glass lids
• Glossy, polished construction and comfortable grip
• Maintains temperature
• The handle stays cool for safety
• Even heat distribution

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Use the korkomaz teapot set to brew tea, coffee or even hot chocolate.
Your family will love its unique design and boiling speed.

2 x 1:
To be fully prepared for large numbers of guests at tea parties and events,
Not one jug but two, large 2L jug and smaller 1.1L jug, with glass lid for each jug.

Quality and efficiency:
Korkmaz tea glitter made of stainless steel, durable and stainless.
The coated base heats up quickly, retains heat well, and provides an even distribution of heat that reduces tea boiling time.


Addition to your kitchen:
This teapot is an attractive addition to your kitchen decoration, as it is designed with a shiny look that matches with all kitchen sets.

Instructions for use:
Before using for the first time, clean with hot water and dish soap.
Do not use a hard metal brush or strong detergents to avoid scratching and losing the surface shine.

The korkmaz teapot is the best performance for preparing delicious tea for family and guests.

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Model 361-09-A080
Brand Korkmaz
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