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Kokrmaz Servita Fry pan 5*26CM
Kokrmaz Servita Fry pan 5*26CM

Kokrmaz Servita Fry pan 5*26CM

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• Made of ceramic coated aluminum
• The handle stays cool during cooking
• Resistant to sticking and scratching
• A healthy and completely safe frying pan

Stop searching for the perfect fryer that helps you perform various cooking tasks ...
Korkmaz frying pan has everything you wish.

Practical design:
The fryer is designed with a flat and wide bottom that heats evenly and provides plenty of cooking space, while the sloped sides are designed for easy flipping and rolling.

Even heat distribution:
Ideal for cooking, from grilling, frying and roasting to all cooking stoves including gas, electric or others.
The flat bottom allows it to be placed evenly over the heat source, whatever it is, and it distributes heat well.
Provides high cooking performance even in low heat.

Thermal resistance up to 450 ° C.

Practical specification:
Ceramic coating with excellent non-stick property on both exterior and interior surfaces
High scratch resistance
Environmentally friendly production technology

Completely safe:
Made of safe ceramic coated aluminum and free from heavy metals such as lead and cadmium,
Therefore, it is healthy and does not produce any acidic or harmful foods.

Cold handle:
A tall mounted handle stays cool on the stove top and provides a secure rigid grip.
It also facilitates control during manual cleaning.

Prepare delicious dishes from grills and fries for family and guests with Korkmaz Fryer.
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More Information
Model 361-09-A1541
Brand Korkmaz