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Kokrmaz Servita Square Grill 6*26CM
Kokrmaz Servita Square Grill 6*26CM

Kokrmaz Servita Square Grill 6*26CM

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•Made of ceramics

• Excellent non-stick property on exterior and interior surfaces

•Resistant to abrasion and scratching

• The easiest cleaning process

If you are a bride looking for the beautiful cooking utensils to decorate her new kingdom,

Or a housewife looking to upgrade her kitchen gadgets ...

Here is the practical ceramic roasting pan from Korkmaz that helps you prepare delicious meals.

Safety first:

Made of safe ceramic and free from heavy metals such as lead and cadmium,
Environmentally friendly production technology.
Ceramic coating with excellent non-stick property on both exterior and interior surfaces.
High scratch resistance

Competitive Efficiency:

Greater drought resistance compared to other products,

Also, the excellent performance of the non-stick coating prevents the food from sticking together when cooking.

International specifications:

Lightweight frame and sturdy square body, large enough for a home barbecue party for family and friends,

And the scratch- and dirt-resistant surface is easy to clean and dishwasher safe - you won't want more.

Fast and multiple heating:

Practical cooking pot is ideal for home chefs who want to explore the culinary potential of all hobs

Including gas, electricity, or others.

With the korkmaz roasting table you will be able to prepare delicious recipes for all family members and guests.

Buy it now.

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Model 361-09-A1542
Brand Korkmaz