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كولن دفاية زيت 13 ريشة كولن دفاية زيت 13 ريشة كولن دفاية زيت 13 ريشة
كولن دفاية زيت 13 ريشة

Koolen Oil Heater 13 Fins

SAR 299.00
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Equipped with 13 blades

Power: 2000W, 220V

It has a safety switch and overheating protection

It has temperature control

Koolen Oil Heater 13 Fins is a modern heater with oil heating technology to enjoy the warm weather in the winter and reduce the cold

The heater is characterized by 13 blades for rapid heating in the place where it is located, in addition to that it is equipped with a safety switch to reduce overheating in the place

It is also equipped with a switch to control the emitting temperature with two power levels of 2000 watts

Equipped with wheels for movement for easy movement around the house without the hassle of transporting from one place to another

More Information
Model 807102031
Warranty ضمان عامان