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كولن دفاية سيراميك دائرية 2000 واط ، أحمر ، 807102013
كولن دفاية سيراميك دائرية 2000 واط ، أحمر ، 807102013

Kooln Circular Ceramic Heater 2000 Watts , Red , 807102013

SAR 160.00
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Equipped with a safety switch for operation

Heating elements made of quick-heating quartz

360-degree heating range

Volt 200-240

50/60 Hz

1000 watts

Koolen Heater with Quartz Elements is a modern heater with faster heating technology that will keep your home warm all the time.

The heater features quartz heating elements that are very fast in heating for fast heating in the place where it is located.

Also equipped with two power levels, 500W and 1000W

The heater is characterized by being automatically separated when falling to reduce the occurrence of any accidents or injuries

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Model 807102013
Warranty ضمان عامان