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Korkmaz Luna Cookware Set 9pcs
Korkmaz Luna Cookware Set 9pcs

Korkmaz Luna Cookware Set 9pcs

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• The whole set is made of stainless steel
• A sturdy base that can handle the tough work of Cooking
• Elegant lines on the sides with an attractive shape
•Easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher

A practicalset that includes everything you need to perform all basic cooking tasks.
Korkmaz Alpha Cookware Set 9 Pieces Body designed for fast and even heating, with a non-stick inner feature for perfect food cooking.

High quality stainless steel:
The entire pots, with handles and lids, are made of premium quality stainless steel.
Cookware you can count on to complement your kitchen gadgets and shine in your small kingdom.

Attractive design:
The pans are ergonomically designed to help fulfill various cooking tasks.
Plus, the brushed, polished surface gives the set an attractive look that goes well with all your kitchen utensils.

Durability and reliability:
Korkmaz Cookware Set is able to withstand minimal to maximum cooking fires without any damage to the pot for a long time.

Pots sizes:
2 liter saucepan, with lid
3.5 liter saucepan, with lid
5.4L pot, with lid
3.8L saucepan, with lid
3-liter frying pan

Prepare delicious recipes for family and guests with the Korkomaz Alpha Cookware Set.
Stainless steel cookware set of 9 pieces in different sizes for multiple uses.

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Model 361-09-A1059
Brand Korkmaz