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• Made of ceramic coated
• Dishwasher safe
•Microwave safe
•It retains heat for a long time
• Non-stick outer layer.

If you are looking for oven trays that are suitable for multiple uses for preparing lasina, pasta, bakery, pastry, toasting and more,
In addition to the beautiful appearance that adorns your small kingdom ...

Here is a Rectangular Ceramic Oven Tray from Korkmaz, the practical tray that helps you prepare delicious meals.

Safety first:
The tray is made entirely of carbon steel with a ceramic coating, and is free of cadmium, lead and all heavy metals.
So the ceramic oven tray from Korkmaz is safe and healthy and does not produce any acidic or harmful foods.

Suitable for cooking, baking and roasting:
A practical tray ideal for home cooks who want to explore the possibilities of cooking on a torch or in the oven,
It has a flat bottom that allows it to be placed evenly over the heat source, whatever it is.

Fast and multiple heating:
The ceramic oven tray is oven-safe at high temperatures up to 230 ° C without peeling, cracking or blistering,
It is suitable for all cooking applications suitable for all cooking stoves including gas, electric or others.

Competitive Efficiency:
Greater scratch resistance compared to other products,
Also, the excellent performance of the non-stick coating prevents the food from sticking together when cooking.

Easy cleaning:
The tray is dishwasher safe, and you will not spend any effort in washing it by hand.
Just wipe it with a damp cloth or rub it gently and the food will slide off easily.

With the ceramic oven tray from Korkmaz, you will be able to prepare delicious recipes for all family members and guests.
Buy it now from Harir Shop.

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Model 361-09-A1449
Brand Korkmaz