Korkmaz Orbit Coffee Pot 4 Cups
Korkmaz Orbit Coffee Pot 4 Cups
Korkmaz Orbit Coffee Pot 3 Cups

Korkmaz Orbit Coffee Pot 3 Cups

Kokrmaz Orbit 1.0 lt

Kokrmaz Orbit 1.0 lt

Korkmaz Orbit Coffee Pot 4 Cups

* Made of stainless steel

* Non-burning bakelite handle

* Polished surface against rust

* Fast and easy to use

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For coffee lovers, you can enjoy preparing delicious coffee anywhere, anytime with Korkmaz Coffee Pot.

Make 4 cups of delicious, frothy coffee with Korkmaz Coffee Pot

Essential tool for the kitchen:

The coffee pot is an indispensable accessory in every kitchen, and the Lambert cooker is no exception ...


Practical design:
The pot is made of high quality stainless steel 18/10
This practical coffee pot is durable and versatile, with a sturdy handle that ensures a secure grip.

The handle is long in bakelite and keeps your hand away from the heat, as well as a tapered mouth making it easier to handle the coffee while pouring.

Glossy polished surface maintains its shine against rust

A streamlined korkmaz cooker, make your coffee as you like and honor your guests by using it

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brand Korkmaz
Model 361-09-A1208
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