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Korkmaz PERLA STEAMER SET 20x12 cm / 3.8 lt.
Korkmaz PERLA STEAMER SET 20x12 cm / 3.8 lt.

Korkmaz PERLA STEAMER SET 20x12 cm / 3.8 lt.

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•It consists of two pieces, a saucepan with a lid and a steamer (filter)
• The set is made of high quality stainless steel
• The handles are kept cool to ensure safe cooking
• The base distributes heat
• Smooth surface for easy cleaning

Geta steamer pot and strainer set. Prepare spaghetti, pasta, steamed sauteed vegetables, and more ...
Korkmaz Steamer Set of 2 Pieces with Glass Lid.

More than one recipe at the same time:
Korkmaz Steam Cookware is ideal for steaming vegetables and cooking rice at the same time without losing the natural nutrients.
Your food will have a much better flavor than boiling.

- High quality:
Made of high quality long-lasting stainless chrome and nickel, with a thick aluminum capsule coated in stainless steel.
The base transfers heat evenly and provides a fast and homogeneous transfer of heat to cook your food with great results.
The inner surface is hygienic to prepare healthy meals that are safe for the whole family and the outer surface is highly polished and glossy in appearance.

Transparent glass cover:
The high-profile clear glass lid allows you to see inside clearly while reducing evaporation and locking in moisture for delicious cooking results.

Kit Contents:

20 x 12cm / 3.8L pot with lid
Steam pot (filter) size 20 x 10 cm / 3.1 liters

Instructions for use:
Before using theset for the first time, clean it in hot water and dish soap.
Do not use a hard metal brush or strong detergents to avoid scratching and losing the surface shine.

Korkmaz Stainless Steel Steamer Set to prepare delicious recipes for family and friends ...
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More Information
Model 361-09-A1521
Brand Korkmaz