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Lambart Deep Wok 32 cm Lambart Deep Wok 32 cm Lambart Deep Wok 32 cm
Lambart Deep Wok 32 cm

Lambart Deep Wok 32 cm

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• High quality non-stick coating

• 32 cm deep frying pan

• Two handles with insulated handles

• Deep circular bottom with intelligent heat distribution

• Dishwasher safe and easy cleaning

They love crunchy fries ...

Come on prepare delicious French fries with Lambert deep frying pan,

They are ideal for quick cooking of a wide variety of delicious fried dishes Which are favorite For the whole family.

Distinctive Design:

Lambart Round Bottom Deep Frying Pan with two hands for optimum right or left-hand control.

The handles are insulated to avoid exposure to direct heat.


It has a non-stick coating that gives it a great ability to resist dirt,

Thanks to this layer that prevents the food from sticking when cooking, you will get healthy food for your family.

Heat distribution:

Distributes heat while frying even on a low heat flame compared to other fryers.

To get well cooked, soft on the inside and crunchy and delicious on the outside.

Easy Cleaning

Because it is non-sticky, oils and fats will not cause crunch during cleaning.

They are extremely easy to clean by hand and are completely dishwasher safe.

Lambart Deep Frying Pan with 2 hands is the perfect tool for preparing delicious recipes for all family and friends.

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