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Mister Cook Fry Pan 26 cm
Mister Cook Fry Pan 26 cm

Mister Cook Fry Pan 26 cm

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• Casting from high quality stainless steel
• A long handle that stays cool on the hob
•Pointed edge to avoid dripping and spillage
• Non-stick with stable color
• Hand or dishwasher cleaning

For the purposes of frying, roasting and varioustasks in the kitchen ...
We offer a stainless steel frying pan from Mister Cook to prepare delicious recipes for all family and friends.

- High quality:
The fryer is characterized by an exquisite workmanship that gives a bold and shiny look.
It is molded from high-quality stainless steel to stand up to the hard work and last even with prolonged use.

Cold handle:
A long stainless steel fixed handle stays cool on the burner surface and provides a solid, secure grip.
It also facilitates control during manual cleaning.

Details are everything:
Thispan features a smooth tapered edge to avoid drips and spills while pouring.

Completely safe in all conditions:
You can place thepan up to 290 ° C to cook on a stove top, in the oven, or to grill.

Easiest cleaning process:
The outer and inner case are color stable, non-fading and stain resistant,
This makes cleaning easy, either manually or in the dishwasher.

Prepare delicious dishes for the family and guests with Mister Cook's fryer.

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Model 109-09-BA3006
Brand Mister cook