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Mister Cook Single Pot 24Cm
Mister Cook Single Pot 24Cm

Mister Cook Single Pot 24Cm

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•Made of high quality stainless steel
•Enough to prepare large quantities of food
• The handles are kept cool to ensure safe cooking
• The base distributes heat uniformly
• Smooth surface for easy cleaning

Every modern kitchen needs stainless steel pots for basic and multiple work ...
Harir Shop offers the highly efficient Mister Cook pot.

Excellent Features:
ThePot is made of high-quality stainless steel that resists rust, withstands high temperatures and hard work.
Smooth, shiny surface resists scratching and sticking food

Practical design:
A deep pot that is enough to prepare large quantities of soup, meat, rice, pasta and other favorites.
It features handles that provide a comfortable grip and stay cool while cooking on the stove to ensure safe cooking, and it is convenient to carry and store.
An evenly thick base creates an even distribution of heat to help you cook perfectly.

Instructions for use:
Before using thePot for the first time, clean it in hot water and dish soap
Do not leave it on the stove for a long time without food, water or oil
You should not use a hard metal brush or strong detergents to avoid scratching and losing the surface shine

The stainlessPot from Mister Cook will help you prepare delicious dishes for your family and guests ....
Buy it now from Harir Shop.

More Information
Model 109-09-BA2004
Brand Mister cook