Morata,Lotus-Vacuum Flask 1.0Ltr Pink
Morata,Lotus-Vacuum Flask 1.0Ltr Pink
Owntand stainless Spatula , comfortable handle

Owntand stainless Spatula , comfortable handle

Jasmine Date Bowl Silver*Blue

Jasmine Date Bowl Silver*Blue

Morata,Lotus-Vacuum Flask 1.0Ltr Pink

• Thermos for keeping cold and hot drinks 1 liter
• Keeps hot and cold drinks up to 12 hours
• Strong plastic body and sturdy glass packaging
• The lid opens with a flap for easy filling and cleaning
• Comfortable and heat insulating handle

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Thermos for tea, coffee and hot and cold drinks from Morata to keep your favorite drinks hot all the time and anywhere.

It keeps hot and cold liquids for up to 12 hours and is therefore a great choice for holidays and large family gatherings at home.
Ideal for camping, land and party trips, it is also suitable for offices, restaurants, cafes, companies, schools and meetings.

stylish design:
The thermos has an attractive and elegant design that adds more beauty to your guest room and fits perfectly with tea and coffee sets of various shapes and colors.

Safe ingredients:
Made of the best materials, healthy and safe for use in contact with food and drink,
The inner bottle is made of the purest high-quality glass.

• Note:
Avoid placing the thermos in the microwave or dishwasher, or using ice cubes inside to avoid breaking the inner glass.


Thermos for tea and coffee to enjoy hot and cold drinks to spend the happiest times with family, friends and guests.
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