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Neoflam Aeni Cookware 14pcs Set Beige
Neoflam Aeni Cookware 14pcs Set Beige

Neoflam Aeni Cookware 14pcs Set Beige

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Made of diamond granite

• Non-stick outer layer

• Resistant to abrasion and scratching

• The easiest cleaning process

• Korean industry

If you are a bride looking for beautiful cookware to decorate her new kingdom, or a housewife looking to upgrade her kitchen gadgets ...

Here's the perfect kitchen set Aeni Pot Set from Neoflam.


This elegant 14-piece diamond granite cookware can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece.


Safety first:

Made of safe granite and free from heavy metals like lead and cadmium,

Therefore, the Neoflam cookware set is healthy and does not produce any acidic or harmful foods.


Smart distribution of energy:

The high heat distribution base enables you to cook on a low heat flame,

Use half the energy used in other fryers to get healthy cooking.


Competitive Efficiency:

Greater drought resistance compared to other products,

Also, the excellent performance of the non-stick coating prevents the food from sticking together when cooking.


Set Sizes:


Pot 18 cm, saucepan 20 cm, saucepan 22 cm, saucepan 24 cm, saucepan 26 cm, with a lid for each pot.

22cm Frying Pan, 28cm Grill Pan, 28cm Round Tray, Medium Rectangular Baking Tray.


With Neoflam Granite Cookware Set Aeni, you will be able to prepare delicious recipes for all family and friends.


Buy it now.

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