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ماكينة قهوة دولتشي قوستو اسبيرتا اللون ابيض ماكينة قهوة دولتشي قوستو اسبيرتا اللون ابيض Esperta Delonghi White
ماكينة قهوة دولتشي قوستو اسبيرتا اللون ابيض

Nestle Coffee Machine NDG Esperta - White

SAR 869.00
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* Ease of use

* Automatic shutdown and energy saving

* Perfect and attractive design

* Prepare more than 19 kinds of hot and cold drinks

* 15 bar pressure

* Two years warranty

* Control feature through the mobile phone application

* Clean alert

With the unique design of the Nestle Esprita machine for making coffee and hot drinks, you can prepare drinks rich in coffee and milk due to its many internal and external features at the same time.

The design of a large water tank with a capacity of 1.4 liters to meet all your needs

You can prepare any drink through the Nescafe Dolce app connected to the machine via blue tooth and set its temperature.

You can also save your settings and give it a command to prepare your next drink to wake up to the smell of your favorite drink rich in the aroma of coffee in the morning.

Simple to use - with one push of a button after inserting the capsule, you will get the most rich drink of all, in the small size of 30 ml to the large drink through the machine

15 bar pressure - make your drink frothy and thick

Energy Saving System - After 5 minutes of inactivity, the machine, through the Eco feature, shuts down the machine to conserve energy consumption

Cleaning alert - when the machine needs cleaning the indicator will be lit.

Orange for machine ready cleaning

The Nestlo Esprita machine can prepare more than 19 types of hot and cold drinks at the same time, such as espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, tea and aromatic flavors

2 Years Warranty - Use the machine smoothly without worrying about it

The Nestle Esprita machine is the best, easiest, most comfortable and quality solution for making hot drinks

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More Information
Model Esperta Wht
Brand Nescafe Dolce Gusto
Warranty ضمان عامان