Safa S/S and Granite Knives Set With Stand 6Pcs
Safa S/S and Granite Knives Set With Stand 6Pcs Safa S/S and Granite Knives Set With Stand 6Pcs
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Safa S/S and Granite Knives Set With Stand 6Pcs

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• High quality stainless steel
• Sharp blades and a secure base
• A set of 6 pieces for different needs
• Carefully designed handles for minimal chance of slipping
• Easy to clean & long lasting

 شحن مجاني - يصلك خلال 3 إلي 5 أيام عمل

There are many tasks in the kitchen, from cutting, peeling, etc., and you certainly need a set of knives to help you in those tasks ...
This stainless steel granite professional chef knife set 6pcs for multi-tasking.

Practical performance:
A stainless steel and granite knife set that meets your different needs in the kitchen,
It's a perfect combination of comfort, precision and beauty in polished, polished steel.

Luxury and elegance:
A set of knives blends seamlessly with your home décor, style and the impression you want to leave on your family and guests.

Set components:
8 inch cooking knife / 8 inch bread knife / 8 inch steak knife / 5 inch utility knife / 3.5 inch paring knife / base

Easy to care for:
Our knives are very well designed and will last you a long time as long as you care for them properly.
They must be hand washed to keep safe and then dried with a towel or air, their blades can be preserved with a white stone and a sharpening device.

A unique and special gift:
If you want the perfect gift for someone special, the Al Safa knife set is a great gifting option to show your appreciation.
The Kitchen Knife Set of Stainless Steel and Granite from Al Safa is a staple in the kitchen that will never let you down ...

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Model 116200
Brand SAFA
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